Seek One + Hunt Urban Masterclass

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Learn the secrets of finding, gaining permission, and hunting mature urban whitetails from Lee Ellis, Drew Carroll, and Taylor Chamberlin.

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  • 8+ Hours of podcast audio. First time deep dive discussion between Lee Ellis and Taylor Chamberlin.
  • Written and video content for every aspect of hunting urban whitetails.
  • Permission pitch scripts, permission forms, insurance forms, aerial diagrams, gear lists.....
  • Exclusive behind the scenes content, and live Q/A sessions with instructors.

Cut the Learning Curve

Learn from full-time urban hunters with a combined 40+ years of experience. We teach you what took us 15 years to master!

Got Permission?

Save your lease money and gain hunting permission for FREE!

 Want an exact script of what we say to landowners? Plus suggestions on how to personalize your own pitch! We divulge all the secrets of the permission process.